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7+ Advanced SEO Tips & Tricks For Business 2015

The SEO market has become more complex from year to year and today’s vector of site development is aimed at more complex promotion. A wide range of tools has become essential: internet marketing; content marketing. 

Advanced SEO Tips & Tricks September 2015

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SEO competition between businesses during the last years. As a result, even if we implement all the basic SEO actions as choosing our targeted keywords, implementing the right h1-h2, adding more than 600 words in our landing pages and implementing the best image alt tags, still our landing pages do not earn top search rankings on Google.

So how could we distinguish our landing page from our competitors?

1: Implementation of “rel publisher”

First, you need to create a Google Plus Page for your website. Then you should add the below part of the code (replace “https://plus.google.com/110501214130109590506/posts” with your G+ URL):
<link rel=”publisher” href=“https://plus.google.com/110501214130109590506/posts ”/>
Adding it in the <head> of the website’s source code, you manage to connect your website with your Google Business Page. This would give you an advantage on personalized results.

2: Implementation of “schema.org”

Implementing this rich snippet you can improve the CTR of your organic results. In this way, you help the user to search directly what he is looking for into your website and also improve your organic results by making it easier for the user to click on them (http://schema.org/SearchAction).

3: Implementation of “rel alternate” (if there is a mobile version)

By implementing the below part of the code:
<link rel=”alternate” media=”only screen and (max-width: 640px)” href=”http://m.example.com/” /><link rel=”alternate” media=”handheld” href=”http://m.example.com/” />
in the <head> of your website, you could help Google to detect the desktop version from the mobile version.

4: Implementation of “href-lang”

In case you have a multi – language website, you need to implement the rel=”alternate” hreflanf=”x” to inform Google about which language you are using on a specific page, so that it can serve that result to users searching in that language.
To achieve this, you need to add the below part of the code in the <head> of your website:

<link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”es” href=”http://es.example.com/”/>
Don’t forget to check for the right implementation in Google Webmaster Tools (click on “Search Traffic” and then “International Targeting”.)

5: Creat Events to decrease the Bounce Rate

Google Analytics counts as bounce rate when a user enters your website and then leaves without moving to any other pages. However, if someone visits your website and stays on your landing page for more than 1 minute maybe he founds what he needs and he does not want to move to another page.
For such reasons, you need to create an event to decrease the Bounce Rate as below:
setTimeout (“ga(‘send’,’event’,’Actions you choose’,’time on page more than 1 minutes’)”,60000);
The “60000” represents the time you choose as the desired one for a user in milliseconds.

6: New METAs Implementation

If your website is responsive, then it will rank also in the mobile devices with the METAs that you have already implemented. So if you would like your METAs to be optimized also for mobile devices, the meta title should not overpass the 55 characters and the meta description should not overpass the 115 characters. Otherwise, the METAs will not appear completely on Google.

7: Internal link building strategy

By sending internal links only to pages of the same or below category level, you manage not only to make stronger the pages where you send the link but also not to weaken the page from where the link is sent.
For example, if you send from an internal page a link to the homepage all the link juice and value is going to the homepage and you devalue the internal page making it very difficult to rank on the SERPs.

8: Add image & video sitemap

If you create an image (and a video sitemap), you help Google to crawl all the images and videos and understand which pages contain also a video. Google tends to give value to images and videos and as a result this helps your pages to rank better on Google results.

9: Add “internal search box” and find new ideas for long tail keywords

By adding an internal search box in your website, you can monitor through Analytics the keywords the visitors are searching for. In this way, you not only give visitors a way to quickly find the information they need but you can also find new keywords and create new landing pages to target them.

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  1. Thanks for sharing advanced SEO tips. This article is very helpful for increase the traffic in website

  2. Yeah, I think these tips will help to increase ranking on SERP. Like Google, it can easily differentiate your website from your competitors. This is good for digital marketing.

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  5. Nice post,but we have to look forward to every year of SEO updates,Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times,so we should keep analysing with new updates and tips as well.

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