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10 Web Design Tips You Must Follow Today

In the last 25 years the internet has changed substantially, and consumer behavior has changed even more while we have many years of experience in building effective websites, and in some cases have extensive experience in developing sites for a particular industry. 

10 Web Design Tips You Must Follow Today

So today we are discussing and nderstanding of some elements that make an effective web pages and effective design. 

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1. Make Your Website Load Faster

 For improve your web site performance, you should make them load as fast as possible. Because a research say's web page must load in less than three seconds or it risks losing customers and revenue.

Make Your Website Load Faster

Before you begin to optimize your site, it´s important to see how well they are functioning, first. One way to do this is to make use of the Make the Web Faster tools, by Google. Two other options you can use are Pingdom and YSlow. Each of these tools will help you to establish a baseline of performance.  

2. Your Pages Should Only Be As Long As They Need.

Writing for the web is different from writing for print. You want the contents of your page to give them what they want quickly.

Your Pages Should Only Be As Long As They Need.

Here Are Some Point for Make Website Load Faster: 

  • Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Eliminate Duplicate Scripts in a Web Page
  • Optimize Images
  • Avoid CSS Expressions
  • Add Expires Headers    
 3. Use Easy And Clean Navigation.

If your readers can't get around on the page or on the website they won't stick around. 

Use Easy And Clean Navigation

You should have navigation on your web pages that is clear, direct, and easy to use. And if the page is long you should use anchor links to help readers find their way on the page. We posting here are some clue for make clear and clean navigation
  • Keep it consistent
  • Divide categories clearly
  • Make all navigation elements clickable links
  • Use accurate navigation titles
  • Every clickable image has ALT text    
  • Ensure your search feature works 
 4. Use Small And Lite Images.

Small and lite images are can perfectly open fast in mobile and desktop. Beginning web designers often create web pages that would be good  if their images weren't so large. It's not to take a photograph and upload it to your website without resizing it and optimizing it to be as small and lite.
If you have several images that are used on several pages on your site , you can use sprites to cache the images so that they do not need to be re-downloaded on the second page your customers visit.

5. Apply Relevant Color Scheme.

Color communicates far more than most people realize. Choosing wrong colors can be a disaster for your website. Color is critical on web pages, but colors have meanings to people, and using the wrong color can have the wrong connotation if you're not careful.

Apply Relevant Color Scheme

Before Apply Color Scheme Check Following Point:

  • Who are your site’s most unique visitors?
  • What are your products or services?
  • What are your site’s key purpose?

 6. Think Out Of The Box.

Think Out Of The Box

Today’s technology allows you to do so much more – leverage it.  You are only limited by your imagination. People want to see something new with advance unique do all the topic with advance content and imagination and You should make sure that things like currencies, measurements, dates, and times are clear so that all your readers will know exactly what you mean. 

7. Use Good Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation.

Use Good Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation
For seo purpose spell and grammar mistake can put down on the ranking or loss daily visitor.Many People judge websites by the quality of the writing, and spelling and grammar errors are an obvious indicator of quality for many people.

8. Must Use Proper Link.

Must Use Proper Link

Again for seo purpose broken link are never allow in search engine. broken link increase bounce rate and decrease traffic. For maintain proper traffic and you want to stay more your visitor on your site you must set proper working link and set anchor text on your contect with similar content.

9. Avoid Saying Just "Click Here".

Define your links means that you should write links that explain location to the reader is going to go, and what they are going to find there. By creating links that are clear and declarative, you help your readers and make them want to click. Most Recommended that You shouldn't use “click here” as the text of any link, but that direction can be useful for sites that cater to an older audience who might not understand how links work.Use Proper Word for where to locate your link that helpful for all audience.

10. Last And Most Recommend Thing "Contact information".

Last And Most Recommend Thing "Contact information

One of the most common things on a web page is contact information. When you write a web page, it is good form to put some way for your readers to contact you. But many web page owners are feeling hesitant to put their contact information online. Without contact information it means lose lead.

So What Should Be Include On Your Contact Page:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Subject
  • Your Message
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