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9+ best web development blogs should be start reading right now

9+ best web development blogs should be start reading right now

The internet is a fast-paced business and both, web designers and developers, always have to keep up with latest trends and technologies. Design blogs and magazines deliver breaking news, and on a regular basis, they even allow a glimpse into future developments. Have fun exploring our favorite, topnotch resources, based on personal experiences, Alexa Ranking and Google PageRank. Because of this, we collected the following resources and present you a list of 9+ web development blogs worth reading.

1. Six Revisions

Six Revisions

2. Specky Boy

Specky Boy

3. WebResourcesDepot


4. DailyJS


5. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine

6. David Walsh

David Walsh

7. OnextraPixel


8. Stoyan’s phpied.com

Stoyan’s phpied.com

9. Coding Horror

Coding Horror

10. Alex Sexton

 Alex Sexton

11. Paul Irish

Paul Irish

12. Scotch.io


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