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How To Increasing Your YouTube Adsense Earnings

Many people who first go on YouTube only think about one thing - making money. Money is good. Maybe it's even really good. But there are many steps that you have ot take before your YouTube partner account starts to go anywhere, and you start increasing your YouTube Adsense Revenue.

The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Your YouTube Adsense Earnings

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Improving your Ads

The first place to improve is with your ads themselves. This assumes that you’ve already reached a point where you can become an official YouTube Partner and monetize your videos.

Monetize video 

Generally you’ll be invited to become a YouTube Partner once you have around 1,000,000 channel views, a reasonable daily view count and a decent number of videos. 

Use keyword research to target your videos.

keyword research helps you know what users are looking for in videos, and it helps them find your videos on the subject. 

Optimize video tags to attract higher value ads.

Sometimes all it takes to access better ads is tweaking your keywords.

Improving your Videos

More impressions and clicks means more profit so optimize your videos and produce excellent content to maximize your profits.

Create videos people want to see. 

This is the key to all YouTube success. You can spend thousands of dollars on high production videos all you like.

Post videos regularly. 

 A schedule does two things. First, it gives users a guarantee of regular content, even if it’s once per week. It gives them something to look forward to. Scheduling is why weekly television is so effective.

Brand yourself. 

 You can post the same video on two different channels, one with a personal username and one with a brand name, and the brand name will almost definitely perform better.

Link in the description. 

Your video description is partially hidden by default, so only the most interested people will be expanding it to check out the details. This is a great place, surprisingly, to include links to your site, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or whatever other sites you want to advertise.

Include end-of-video call to action boxes.  

The standard, when you watch serious channel videos, seems to be two boxes with annotation links to related videos, a box that links via annotation to your channel subscription page, and space for some words or an actor encouraging clicking one of the boxes.

Optimize descriptions and titles for SEO.  

Your video description and your title are the only text associated with your video, unless you implement captions, which aren’t indexed by search engines anyway.

Pick a compelling thumbnail. 

By default, YouTube selects frames from partway through your video – generally the 25 percent and 50 percent points – to create thumbnails for you to choose.

Optimize your channel page itself. 

Few beginners think to change the look and feel of their channel page, but even a few simple changes can make a world of difference.

Use shorter videos as intros to the channel. 

Users have a hard time justifying the investment of starting a video 10+ minutes long if they don’t already know they like the content produced by the channel.

Implement captions. 

Closed captions can be generated automatically by YouTube, but the software that creates them is notorious for poor captions.

Create video responses to popular industry videos.  

Responding to other videos has declined somewhat in recent years, but it can still be a good way to siphon traffic from more popular channels, particularly when the response you make is valuable and interesting.

Promote your videos in blog posts.  

Many businesses use YouTube as an afterthought, to host videos they embed in their blog posts for value.

Promote your videos on social media accounts. 

Facebook and Google+ work very well to post videos with their robust preview generation. 

Promote your video series’ through partner blogs. 

You aren’t limited to using your videos in your own blog. One common blog sharing technique is to write a post responding to a popular post, in hopes of sharing that post’s audience.


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  1. Hai ,
    My question is , i've got 95.6K impression and 32.7K page views, but my adsense estimated earning is only 4$.
    Why is this happening??
    and how to improve my adsense earning??? Please tell me a way. http://www.attittudeblogger.in/ this is my Blog URL/

    1. Hello Arjun,

      Due to your ads are not appealing and not attracting online users to click on it. For that you need to focuss on compelling ads with good call to actions defining the product/service you are targeting. Probably you are bidding low as compared to other advertisers and due to that your ad is not ranking high enough to get good exposure. Keep a check on few things I mentioned and probably you need to fix the account accordingly to get your account running in terms of clicks, cost and conversions.


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