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How to Grow Your Facebook Audience: 8 Success Tips

Do you want a bigger Facebook audience? Are you looking for ways to bring attention to your business on Facebook?

If you’re sharing good content but aren’t seeing Facebook audience growth, than this article specially for you, eight ways to grow your Facebook audience, both organically and with advertising. 

How to Grow Your Facebook Audience: 8 Success Tips

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1. Add a Facebook Like Button or Box to Your Website

Facebook offers code you can use to add a custom Like button to pages and blog posts. Visitors can click the Like button to "like" your content.

How to Grow Your Facebook Audience: 8 Success Tips

You can also display a Share button to let people share your content, add a personal message, and customize whom they share with.

2. Include Your Facebook Page in Guest Author Bios

If you publish content on other websites, use your author bio to promote your Facebook page.

When filling out your author bio or profile on a website where you contribute content, look for a place to add your Facebook page link. 

How to Grow Your Facebook Audience: 8 Success Tips

If there’s more than one field to enter a link to your Facebook page, enter it multiple times. 

3. Connect Profiles With Pages

You can do to promote your Facebook page: Add your company as your current employer in your personal profile’s Work section. When you do, you’ll be linking directly to the company page so others can click over at will.

4. Provide a Link in Signatures

Whenever you send emails to your customers, colleagues, vendors and other contacts, add your Facebook page link in your email signature along with your website link. 

Provide a Link in Signatures

You can just create a simple email signature within your email service that says “Like us on Facebook” and links to your page. 
For those who regularly post on forums, include your Facebook page link on your profile and signature for each forum.

5. Share on Other Social Media Platforms

You can share with Google,Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can create promoted tweets or sponsored updates (respectively) to reach people beyond your followers and target the specific audiences you want to convert to Facebook fans.

6. Promote to the Right Audiences

Instead of using the Promote Page option on your Facebook page itself, go to the Facebook Ads Manager and create an ad to promote your page. 
Facebook ads allow you to target your page promotion ads to the specific audiences you want as Facebook fans.

7. Interact as Your Page

Most users peruse Facebook as themselves (using their personal profile), but if you’re looking to grow your page’s audience, consider using Facebook as your page.

Use the drop-down at the top right of your Facebook dashboard, and choose to use Facebook as your page instead of as your personal profile. 

Use Facebook as your page to garner more attention. Once you’ve chosen to use Facebook as your page, you can go to other related pages in your industry (but not competitors, preferably) and comment on those pages’ posts as your page. 

This way, you’re bringing attention to your page, not your personal profile.

8. Create Facebook Groups

In groups you’re interacting with others through your personal profile, but you can focus on your business, industry and related subjects.

Create Facebook Groups

You can take the approach of creating a group specifically about your business or you could create general groups based on a particular industry, interest or location.


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