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How to Plan a Responsive Redesign of your Website

You've always wanted to make to your site but never have the time for? Like transforming it into a fully responsive site, refactoring the CSS, or rewriting all of its content?

You can find the time if you start thinking differently: if you had only one hour, what would you do to get you closer to your goal? Here are some things you can do to get on the right track.

How to plan a responsive redesign of your website

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1. Know and make your schedule well

List all the projects you've planned to work on in the next few months, define which ones have priority, what the deadlines are, and, most importantly, what can be deprioritised.
This way you will identify the free time, as small as they might be, when you can work on your project.

Know and make your schedule well

2. Define what you can and can't do

Make sure exactly what you won't have time to do in a first iteration is crucial. If you're planning to rewrite all your content, perhaps you need start only with top level pages.
If you want to make your site responsive, maybe forget about editing any of the content, even if it's not mobile-friendly (yet).

Define what you can and can't do

3. Plan things in chronological order

Some things will likely need to be done ahead of others, so start moving these blocks into a linear timeline to understand where you need to start.

Plan things in chronological order

4. Focus on reusability

What things are good (or good enough) in the way you've built your site? Use these, for now, and it'll save you time to focus on what really needs to be improved in the immediate future.

Focus on reusability

5. Experiment in smaller projects first

Making large updates to a huge site can be daunting, but you might be scheduled to work on smaller projects where you can test some ideas.

Experiment in smaller projects first

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